Nov 16 2014

Meet Mel

Melissa Moranelli

Blogger/Stylist/Designer Student, @styldblk


FAVORITE PRODUCT ON SABRINA'S CLOSET? Burberry House Check Studded Wristlet, shop it here.
FAVORITE LOOKBOOK ON SABRINA'S CLOSET? Can I say mine (Breaking Hearts Barside)? I’ll say mine because I got to work with Amy Lee Corkum and meet the beautiful Sabrina! 
My personal style can not be defined by a trend or a niche market. Sure you will see certain trends followed in my wardrobe, but that is mostly due to what retailers have to offer their shoppers.
I am always drawn to the pieces in my wardrobe where there is no thinking involved. They are always therefore me. They have actually been in there since I was a child and they will be in there until the day that I die. For example, I have a favorite pair of waxed black trousers, that being said I bought three of the same pair for the sole fact that I am always drawn to them. They never fail to make be feel good about my legs and butt, and they are terribly comfortable.
When I think of my style I think slightly rock, slightly boho and slightly beach bum meets city girl. There is definitely a nineties influence in the way I dress but it is not literal. I think it is hard to describe my personal style; if there was one question I would like to ask friends and my blog/instagram followers is ‘What do you think my personal style is?’
DESCRIBE YOUR ACCESSORY STYLE. Pile it on! Lots of heavy metals very reminiscent of Liza Minelli meets rock and roll.
WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR STYLE INSPIRATIONS FROM? From people. I love meeting people. I love interacting with people. You can really grasp their sense of style through their personas and I think that is really cool. When I am not studying people, I am looking at architecture, textures, a selected few blogs and instagrams.
ANY CLOSET ORGANIZATION TIPS? Colour coordinating your clothing makes everything easier. Keep your blacks with blacks, greys with greys, whites with whites and colour with colour. Then you can gravitate to what you are feeling that day or have an easier time mixing your neutrals with brights.
FAVORITE ITEM OF CLOTHING IN YOUR CLOSET? My Alexander Wang Fox Fur Wing Moto Jacket (I want to get married in that coat).
THOUGHTS ON BLOGGING?  I consider it more as a cyber diary. I blog about my life, what I like, there is some note-taking, collaging and photography. I really see my blog as a timeline of my life in the industry and whom ever is game can follow along.
YOUR GO-TO OUTFIT? Anything black with notes of silver metals.
3 FEMALE WARDROBE STAPLES? Basic t-shirt, a pair of  black denim pants (this is easier to dress up or down rather than the basic blue jean) and a good belt to tie everything in together and that goes with everything else in your wardrobe.
FASHION ICON? Caroline de Maigret.
FAVORITE EMOJI? The Smiling Poop (he’s so cute)
SOCIAL MEDIA PET-PEEVE? When people over use the hashtag (#brunette, #fashion,  #lebanesegirl.. etc.) or when the hashtag is irrelevant to the photo.
ON YOUR NIGHTSTAND?  My Tom Dixon Earl Grey Candle in Silver Pots, Mounted on Marble Pillars, a lamp with an exposed Diamond Light Bulb by Eric Therner, four books neatly stacked and a coffee cup filled with black coffee to be exact.
I WON'T LEAVE THE HOUSE WITHOUT MY ___. My keys. No, my head. Just kidding.. My pants. Okay, unfortunately I won’t leave my house without my Phone. It has everything down to my Starbucks allowance.
I AM CURRENTLY LISTENING TO ___. Queens of the Stoneage - I Sat by The Ocean
WHEN I WANT TO FEEL SEXY, I PUT ON ___. A slinky loose fit dress, something that shows off my shoulders and collar bones.
WHAT'S YOUR SIGN? I was born on a cusp therefore I am a mix between a Libra/Scorpio although I feel more like a Scorpio.
I AM DYING TO TRAVEL TO ___. Morocco and see all of the beautiful architecture.
FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION? Somewhere sunny, sandy and hot with a breeze.
HIDDEN TALENT? Making a small space feel and look big.
GUILTY PLEASURE? Macaroons but eating them like chips.
EMBARASSING MOMENT? I can not remember any embarrassing moments, I feel as though I have subconsciously erased them from my mind.
WAKE UP EARLY OR SLEEP IN? Early, Early, Early!
FAVORITE MOVIE SNACK? Classic, pop corn mixed with chocolate chunks.
FAVORITE SCENT? Nirvana Black by Elizabeth & James mixed with 5 O’clock Ginger by Serge Lutens mixed with Allure by Chanel.
FAVORITE SHOW? American Horror Story or Hannibal or Seinfeld
Scroll through Mel's featured lookbook, Breaking Hearts Barside, here.


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