About Us

In every girl's dream world, money wouldn't be an issue and closet space would be unlimited. Sabrina's Closet is my way of making this dream as close to a reality as possible. Let me explain with a simple story.

It all started when I laid eyes on my first Chanel. The bag was perfect, but the price tag was not. Spending all that money on one piece seemed irrational and excessive, especially when considering the lack of space in my closet. With this in mind, I put that closet to good use and started selling my belongings online.

"The idea behind this was that by turning my clothes into cash I could justify buying my dream purse."

This plan worked out better than expected. My wardrobe was flying off the virtual shelves and it wasn't long before I found myself with a small yet loyal customer base. After hearing about my success, friends and family began asking me to do the same for them. Knowing first hand how time consuming a project like this could be, I saw an opportunity to offer my services as a full time middle man, helping move clothing and accessories from one closet to another.

With the help of my beautiful friends who modeled and my talented friend who photographed them, the project came together seamlessly. With such a great support system around me, Sabrina's Closet was born.

This website is the perfect way for every girl to sell that dress that's been hanging in their closet collecting dust to buy that must have new bag, without having to cringe when the Visa statement comes in. For you shopaholics, you can find both new and lightly used designer fashions for less. What happens when that closet gets too full? Use your existing wardrobe to buy yourself a new one!

Moving past the virtual doors of Sabrina's Closet, you will embark on a shopping experience intended to offer you accessible pieces from well-known designers around the world. I guarantee exceptional service and authentic products of great quality for your fashion consumption. So stay tuned, as I will be consistently updating my site with items that need a new home!



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