Oct 13 2015

5 Ways To Wear Your Hermès Scarf

5 Ways to Wear Your Hermes ScarfYes, they are pricer than most of their kind, but well worth every penny. When purchasing Hermès, we like to think of it as a great investment, especially when purchasing it pre-owned. Hermès creates forever pieces that retain a high resale value. Their printed silk scarves, in particular, are highly coveted. 

Appropriate for office and weekend, adding this iconic silky pop of color can instantly transform your look from dull to effortlessly chic. They're so versatile, with endless ways to wear them. They are great collection pieces, gift ideas and outfits add-ons, even on your worst day. We've racked up a list of ways you can put your Hermès scarf to good use.  But first, check out this short clip made by Hermès that highlights some of their best how-tos when it comes to their iconic silk scarves. 

The company has released an app showing you everything you need to know about how and where to tie their scarves - including video tutorials, how-to diagrams and more.

Did the video above do enough convincing? Skip all the blabbing and shop our Hermès silk scarves at the end of this post.  

1. Wear Around Your Neck

Our personal favorite way to wear our Hermès silk scarf is around the neck. This great Spring/Fall transitional piece will add a twist or upscale vibe to your basic everyday looks. With endless possibilities of ways to tie it around the neck, it will always add a playful, chic appeal to your look.  Pair it with a basic T, a classic button-down, a tailored blazer or basic desk-to-dinner dress. Are you a choker girl? Loose-knotted scout girl? Draped girl? Below are some inspiration pictures that will help you find out what Hermès knot best suits you.

5 Ways to Wear Your Hermes Scarf

2. Wear as Handbag Accessory

Polish your look by tying your carrés on your bag. This option looks best on simple, solid coloured bags that let the scarves do the talking.

Ways to wear it as a handbag accessory: Let it drape over your bag, wrap it entirely around one of your handles, or create your own cross body strap completely.5 Ways to Wear Your Hermes Scarf

3. Wear As A Headpiece

Channel your inner Esmerelda by wrapping the scarf around your head. Create a edgier look by folding it in a wide band and wearing it like a bandana. Easy breezy beach look, ultra-chic yacht look, you name it. Tie it over your long locks in your preferred style, and you're good to go. 

4. Wear As Clothing

Ways to wear it: Wrap it around your waist and wear it as a belt, as a beach wrap in a tropical destination, or around your coat as a sash. You also have the option of wearing it as a top, with a ton of varieties and styles (one shoulder, tank top, backless, etc.). 


5. Wear as a Bracelet 

Play with your scarf and tie it around your wrist to create an ultra-chic, unexpected bracelet. Wear it with a distressed pair of jeans and sneakers and top off the look with a bit of colourful, silk polish. 


5 Ways to Wear Your Hermes Scarf

You've gone from hiding your scarf in a dusty box under your bed, to feeling like you don't own this silk print in enough colors. Now that you know all these ingenious ways to tie them, check out the how-to's all over the net to see how exactly to tie these knots right and tight. But first, check out the iconic Hermès scarves that are available to shop (on sale) right now on www.sabrinascloset.com

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Hermès Large Printed Silk Scarf

Hermès Large Printed Silk Scarf

Hermès Large Printed Silk Scarf

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