Oct 12 2016

5 Handbag Care Tips

Handbag Care Tips

Have you ever splurged on a pricey designer handbag with the justification that it is a “forever piece”? We've all been there. While a classic style may never fade, the condition of a bag could if you don’t care for it properly. By taking care of your bags, they also demand a higher resale value should you change your mind and consign it down the road. The good news is that are some simple, easy things you can do at home to make sure your beautiful investments stay forever beautiful. 

1 | Store them properly

Always store your bags in an upright position in a dust bag or cotton pillowcase (never a plastic bag). This is especially true for leather bags in order to maintain its lustre. Keep them on a shelf or a flat surface (away from direct sunlight), rather than hanging them in a closet, in order to preserve the handles. Make sure to stuff your bags with things like scarves or bubble wrap in order for the bag to keep its shape, zip or fasten the handbag and overlap handles on top of it. Leaving the handles hanging, especially those with heavy hardware, will put unneeded stress on the bag.

Store Bags

2 | Protect hardware

Keep your hardware away from things like zippers, jewelry and other metal objects in order to avoid scratching.

Gucci Prada

3 | Protect interior from leaks

Keep any liquid or cosmetic product in a small pouch. Not only will your bag feel more organized, you will avoid any damage to the lining should anything melt or spill. Small, seemingly harmless items like lip liners or writing pens can wreak havoc in the interior of your bag if caps open or pens leak. Using a pouch also makes switching from one purse to another a lot easier.

4 | Handle with care

Avoid handling your bag if your hands are dirty or if you’ve just applied hand cream/lotion. When possible hold your bag with your hands rather than your elbow or shoulder because the dye from your clothing can stain the bag over time.

Gucci Chloe

5 | Do not overfill

Don’t treat your handbag like a carry on suitcase and avoid stuffing it to the max. If it is too heavy it will cause premature wear and tear to the purse.

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